Super Bowl 50: I'm not going to buy Skittles because Steven Tyler advertized them or an Acura car because Van Halen played in the background...

By Mikel K
February, 9 2016


Before the game, they were asking Peyton or Cam?

Well you know the answer now, but let me show you how we saw it at my house for Super Bowl 50. Seems Vegas was way up on The Panthers way before the game, but started throwing kudos to Denver the closer it got to game time. 


Peyton and Cam were very respectful to each other in interviews leading up to the game: class acts both. It was nice to see all the past Super Bowl MVP's brought out onto the field before the game. My question was did the NFL pay for them to get to the game, like plane tickets, hotel rooms and meals?! Eli Manning's got him two Super Bowl rings. Would his brother, Peyton, bring another one into the family I was wondering before the game.


Lady Gaga did a hell of a job singing The National Anthem. She rendered one of the best versions of the song that I have ever heard.


Carolina won the pregame coin toss by NFL legend Joe Montana and elected to kick off and get the ball at the beginning of the second half of the game.


Peyton, not looking like an older guy, opened the game with an eighteen yard toss. More complete passes from Peyton and some short Denver runs put Denver in a 34 yard field goal attempt that was good and put Denver up 3-0 after their first possession. This is the first time that Carolina has been behind in the 2016 playoffs.The Snickers commercial right after the field goal was pretty funny. Didn't make me want to run out and buy a Snickers bar, but I got a chuckle out of it. An NFL commercial claimed that baby births go up nine months after the Super Bowl.


Cam, uncharacteristically threw one way over a wide open Carolina receiver. They had to punt the ball after their first possession. Denver looked in control early in the game. Arnold is doing commercials, now, for video games. Shouldn't that be illegal?


David Bowie sang in an Audi commercial. Miss that man. Guns and Roses played backup for a Taco Bell commercial. Can you believe that Slash and Axl are getting back together after all these years? Have you seen their ticket prices?!


Cam got hit hard, fumbled and Denver got their first touchdown. The Denver bad ass defense that many had been bragging about got Denver their first trip into the end zone in Super Bowl 50.


Instead of having to punt, Carolina got 15 yards and a first and ten due to an unsportsmanlike call on Aqib Talib. Cam missed another one high. He did not start off the game too well. 


Linebacker Luke Kuechly sacked Peyton way behind the line. Peyton has the pizza and insurance commercials and Kuechly hawks security systems in his spare time. Good game, so far, if you are a Denver fan. The Dollar Shave dot com commercial with the dirty talking razor was pretty funny. Van Halen is selling some Acura. Panthers, led by two ten plus yard runs by Cam got into the Denver red zone. Talib got another unsportsmanlike call. He was killing Denver as Carolina went in for their first score. 10-7, Denver lead early in the second quarter. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith stars in a funny Skittle's commercial. Still ain't running out to buy candy.


I can't understand how any professional football player can drop the football once it is in his hands,
but that is exactly what a Carolina defender just did with what should have been an interception. 


My gal, Joan, is going crazy. She keeps muttering, "I want Peyton to win. I want Peyton to win." Carolina,thinking Denver had called for a fair catch, let Denver set a Super Bowl record with a 61 yard punt return. Denver decided to go for it on fourth and one, but a holding penalty set them back ten yards and they had to settle for another field goal. It wasn't Talib's fault this time. The Denver offense had yet to score a touchdown, but was out in front.


Tolbert fumbled again, but doesn't recover this one like he did the first time he dropped the ball, earlier in the game, and Denver recovered. The Denver defense was killing The Panthers. The sportscasterswere really pushing the half time show, stating early in the first quarter that the half time show was almost there. Denver got to three yards from the red zone and Peyton threw an interception. Denver dumped Cam to end the first half and took us into the halftime show with a 13-7 lead. Panther coach, Ron Rivera, in a quick interview pre-halftime, predicted that the last team to have the ball last would win the game.


To tell you the truth, I wouldn't recognize a Coldplay hit song, so I was interested to see what they could do at halftime of The Super Bowl.


Bruno Mars and his men blew Coldplay away. My partner, Joan, stated that all Coldplay songs sound alike and that they ruined The Super BowlBeyonceis easier on the eyes than Chris Martin. She blew Coldplay away, also. The halftime commercials were bland, better to have visited the bathroom instead of wasting time on them.


After a strong start on their first set of downs after halftime with Cam throwing some nice passes. Carolina missed a 44 yard field goal attempt and the the score stood at 13-7 with Denver in the lead.Denver kicked another field goal to make it 16-7 early in the third quarter. Death Wish coffee had a commercial during the game. I wouldn't drink nothing named Death Wish, but I guess I had one back when I was boozing every day.


Cam threw a 42 yard pass. Great catch and then a fumble by Carolina recovered by Denver. A Honda commercial had a bunch of sheep singing a Queen song. I wonder what Freddie Mercury would have thought about that?


A Carolina defender grabbed Peyton's arm as he was throwing the ball. Peyton dropped the ball and Carolina recovered just as I was thinking that time was running out for The Panthers, down nine as the clock was ticking fast in the fourth quarter.


Carolina kicked a field goal to make it 16-10 Denver up. 


The Budweiser anti-drunk driving commercial was pretty thoughtful and interesting. I doubt that Budweiser will stop selling booze to help with the problem.


The ball got knocked out of Cam's hand. Denver got the ball on the four yard line with four minutes left in the game scored a touchdown and that was pretty much all they wrote for Carolina. Denver was up by twelve with three minutes left in the game, went for two after the touchdown and they were fourteen points up with time running out. The Denver defense killled them. Just killed them. Denver won 24-10.


Now we wait to see if Peyton retires.

Cam will be back.


Mikel K is a benchwarmer from Atlanta, Georgia where The Falcons did not play in The Super Bowl.

Steroid use in the NFL

by Josh Hodnik
JANUARY 23rd, 2016

Everything in the National Football League has grown tremendously since the 70s and 80s. Multi-million dollar contracts are now the norm while owners are building billion dollar stadiums that resemble shopping malls on the inside. The new Cowboys stadium in Arlington, Texas houses a Victoria's Secret. If someone had suggested doing this in the 70s, they would have been laughed at. Evenly shared national media money has grown at a rate of 12% from $47 million annually at the time of the actual NFL merger in 1970 to $4 billion under 2012-2013 TV contract extensions. While the NFL has grown in every aspect possible, its players have exploded in size right along with it. In 1970, only one player in the NFL weighed 300 pounds, and by 2010 the number of players reaching 300 pounds hit a whopping 532.

Skill positions such as wide receivers and defensive backs have not grown at the same rate as the 300-pound offensive linemen, but they have gotten much stronger and faster. Every major college and professional sport has seen their own trend of increased muscle mass and strength. Athletes have gotten much stronger and faster over the past few decades, but this has to be expected with advances in sports nutrition and a stronger focus on strength and conditioning within organized sports now starting at a younger age. Now, these factors are involved in today's athlete being bigger, stronger, and leaner, but I do believe that performance-enhancing drugs have played a role in these improvements as well. Use of anabolic steroids in the NFL is well documented during the 70s and 80s. Steroids were not banned in the NFL until 1987, and the league did not start handing out sanctions for positive steroid tests until 1989. 

Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett admitted using steroids as a linebacker in the NFL during the early 1980s. Haslett claims that the Pittsburgh Steelers pioneered steroid use in the NFL while winning Super Bowl championships in the 1970s. During this time, steroids were not illegal and the NFL did not yet ban them; so players during this era have since admitted to steroid use because they were not breaking any rules or laws. Other players that have openly admitted to using anabolic steroids during their career are Cowboys safety Charlie Waters, Joe Klecko and Mark Gastinieau of the Jets, Randy White and John Dutton of the Cowboys, Steve McMichael of the Bears, and of course Lyle Alzado who played for the Broncos, Browns, and Raiders. 

Now let us fast-forward 30 years. NFL players are now much bigger, stronger, and faster than they ever have been. Did this happen because drug use has declined or stopped with players? No, it is quite the opposite. You now have athletes running 4.5 second forties while weighing 250 pounds. This was unheard of 30 years ago, and to think that this progress has come about without the use of performance enhancing drugs is just ridiculous. There is testing in place, but there are undetectable steroids and peptides that aren't tested for to get past this.

Today, steroid drug use in college and professional sports has become a big topic with the media. Ever so often, a high level athlete will test positive for a banned substance and every major newspaper and news channel will grab ahold of it and plaster it everywhere. The media and public will both point fingers at this athlete calling him a liar and a cheater, while questioning his natural athletic ability. Professional baseball has received more than its fair share of criticism for steroid use, when in fact it is more widely used in the NFL. The BALCO scandal put a spotlight on baseball, and I think commissioner Bud Selig added fuel to that fire. The NFL had been faced with their own BALCO in the David Jacobs case, until he killed himself and his ersatz girlfriend Amanda Savell. 

In the NFL, as with all other top-level sports, performance-enhancing drugs will be used as long as big salaries are paid for being bigger, stronger, and faster. Fans enjoy watching larger than life players deliver big hits. People are driven to the violence that is involved in sports like football, boxing, and MMA. These same fans that condemn these athletes for using performance enhancing drugs would be immensely disappointed if the players slowed down, got smaller, and could not recover from injury like they can today. This is exactly what would happen if all drugs vanished from professional sports. 

If you are an NFL fan, you may hate to think of your favorite player using steroids, but you know what? He probably is. He didn’t get as big and strong as he is by drinking Gatorade and  wearing whatever shoes or underwear he may be promoting at the moment. You can cry on your favorite jersey or maybe burn it, but that is just how it is. Maybe you are like me and just don’t care. The media has run this subject into the ground over and over. Maybe they will move on to something else, but I doubt that will be any time soon.



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