Local News

Tough Times, Dirty Laundry, and Tattered Dreams

by Lyle McClure
JANUARY 18, 2016

Today in local news . . . woman who borrowed fellow apartment tenant's laundry card succeeded in returning said card. Tragically her laundry never dried.

Dog Concerned About His Owner's Ancient Aliens Obsession

by Ty McGintty
JANUARY 17, 2016

In a local dog park it has been heard muttered between the canines that one owner in particular has been viewing Ancient Aliens at an alarming rate. Sometimes even leaving the house for hours while the popular History Channel show plays on repeat, usually Season Three. It's become so bad that the concerned dog has become lethargic and doesn't even bother to greet its owner at the door anymore. Instead standing by the tv barking at the Blu Ray player in hopes that it will be turned off. 



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